Book talk: How Economics Can Save the World
  • 7 februari kl 15:00-16:30, Stora Nygatan 7

Datum: 7 februari 2023
Tid: 15:00-16:30

Economics has always been shadowed by a movement that has been called anti-economics, denouncing its practitioners, attacking its assumptions, rejecting its conclusions, and protesting its influence. In his book How Economics Can Save the World: Simple Ideas to Solve Our Biggest Problems, Erik Angner offers a defense of economics as a way to lead a better life and build a better world too.

His goal is to articulate what economics is by tracing what it does. He shows that economics has always been about improving the world and helping people live more meaningful, satisfying lives. Far from a mere instrument to predict the stockmarket or enrich the elite, economics provides a lens through which we can better understand how things work, design clever solutions, and create conditions for widespread human flourishing.

However, economics could be better. An exploration of the power and potentialof economics inevitably underscores various ways in which that potential remains unrealized. In his book, Erik Angner also explores how economics can be improved – how it can be made more responsive to human needs and purposes.

Welcome to a conversation about this book with;

Erik Angner, author and Professor of Practical Philosophy
Anna Ekström, lawyer and former Minister of Education
Tore Ellingsen, Ragnar Söderberg Professor of Economics

The talk will be chaired by the director of the Institute for Futures Studies, Gustaf Arrhenius.

Venue: SN7, Stora Nygatan 7 i Gamla stan, Stockholm

The English Bookshop will sell the book at the event.