Making Global Health relevant in times of war and climate challenges
  • 23 augusti kl 18:30-20:00, Studio SN7

With enormous needs due to the war in Ukraine, climate change affecting countries around the world and budget cuts – do we need to rethink our global engagement for people’s health?
* How has the landscape for investing in people’s health has changed over time and what the future might look like.
* What are the experiences from the fight against HIV, TB and Malaria – and what do we need to do now?
About 20 years ago, the Global Fund started with Sweden as one of the founder. Why was this major initiative possible then and what has happened since and how do we meet the global health challenges of today and in the future?

Dianne Stewart, Deputy-Director, External Relations and Communications Division and Head, Donor Relations Department at The Global Fund.
Anders Nordström, Ambassador for Global Health at Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Sweden, 20 years ago, the first interim Executive Director for the Global Fund.
A third, not yet confirmed participant.

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